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                                      Key facts

                                      The company focuses on research and development, production, consulting and sales.

                                      The products based on humic substances offer environmentally friendly solutions not only for agriculture, but also in animal husbandry, environmental technology and industry.

                                      About 70 employees support the two CEOs Müfit Tarhan and Aydogan Cengiz, who took over corporate ancestor WESKO in 1999 and renamed the company HUMINTECH.

                                      Curiosity and an instinct for what is necessary distinguish HUMINTECH: Whether it's about making soils more fertile or making pigments more durable, purifying waste water or improving animal welfare – in the company's own research departments as well as together with long-standing research partners, these ideas have taken shape and are available ready-made.

                                      Produced, processed and certified in Germany.



                                      Buzz words

                                      Material use of lignite (Leonardite) ? Climate friendly ? CO2 sequestration ? Humus formation ? Wastewater treatment ? Groundwater protection ? Reduction of emissions ? Strengthening the plant soil system ? Securing rural livelihoods ? Erosion protection



                                      Questions and answers


                                      Who is HUMINTECH?

                                      HUMINTECH is a German biotech company based in Grevenbroich, NRW. For more than 45 years the company has been developing products based on humic acids and other humic substances for agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental technology and industry.

                                      The innovative strength of HUMINTECH has been awarded numerous prizes. The company has been honored as a Hidden Champion and for three consecutive years was included in the list of the TOP 100 innovators. HUMINTECH is considered a technological leader for humic acid based products.

                                      Since when has HUMINTECH existed?

                                      The history of HUMINTECH began in the early 1970s with the efforts of WESKO GmbH & Co. KG, to restore the landscapes left behind by open-cast lignite mining in Germany's Rhenish mining area. Subsequently, PERLHUMUS?, an organic soil conditioner based on humic acids, first conquered the market.

                                      At the end of the 1990s, Engineer Müfit Tarhan and Social Pedagogue Aydogan Cengiz took over the company and changed its name to HUMINTECH in 2001. From then on, new fields of application for humic substances based products were constantly being developed.

                                      What is the mission statement of HUMINTECH GmbH?

                                      With tailwinds into the future: proven knowledge meets modern research

                                      For more than 45 years, HUMINTECH GmbH has been solving user problems by improving long-established practical knowledge with the help of modern science and research. The fascination with the versatile potential of humic substances spurs the company to break new ground together with regional and international partners in order to serve customers' needs even more efficiently. As a pioneer and innovator, HUMINTECH is involved in various research associations and institutions in order to establish a humic acid knowledge network that is also intended for public access.

                                      No humus, no future

                                      Humic acids form the basis of plant life on earth. By returning them to nature where they provide ecological benefits, humic acids contribute to the preservation of healthy soils, plants, animals and people – throughout the world.

                                      What are humic acids?

                                      Humic acids are humic substances that occur naturally in humus soils, peat and soft lignite. They are formed during the decomposition of organic matter in the soil (humification). Soft lignite, also called Leonardite, is the most important source of humic acids.

                                      Tailor-made quality

                                      HUMINTECH stands for tested quality – from the raw material to the end product. The company is proud to supply the right solution for individual needs. For customers this also means: They only pay for what they really need.

                                      Diversity? Of course!

                                      HUMINTECH's multicultural team communicates in twelve languages with partners and users from over 70 countries around the world. With their know-how, they offer tailor-made, demand-oriented solutions for the individual problems of every customer – not only in agriculture.

                                      Success through trust – trust through success

                                      Trust and appreciation are integral parts of HUMINTECH's corporate philosophy. Their employees appreciate the informal working environment: In 2018 HUMINTECH was recognized as a TOP employer and in 2019 as a Leading Employer. The company also carries this commitment to the outside world: HUMINTECH focuses on sustainable, economical and reliable solutions that benefit both people and the environment.

                                      How does HUMINTECH actually do research for their products?

                                      In addition to its own research in the company's laboratory and greenhouse, HUMINTECH works closely with research partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute and the Jülich Research Center. Extensive insights into field studies of customers from all over the world and their evaluations complete the research. Thus, HUMINTECH GmbH itself creates the conditions for necessary and meaningful innovations.

                                      What products does HUMINTECH GmbH offer?


                                      HUMINTECH GmbH produces soil conditioners, biostimulants and organic fertilizers in different variations. In addition to PERLHUMUS?, these include water-soluble salts of humic acid such as POWHUMUS? and LIQHUMUS?. The main benefit is to improve the soil structure and the nutrient exchange between soil and plants. This makes the plant more resilient and resistant to abiotic stress factors. In addition, humus formation is promoted.

                                      Animal husbandry

                                      Humic acids added to animal feeds not only result in a higher live weight of the animals. They also improve growth rates, feed intake and the feed conversion ratio. The animals' resistance to diseases is also significantly increased.

                                      Environmental technology

                                      Humic acids are particularly suitable for the restoration of problematic soils. They reduce erosion, counteract salinization and increase the water retention capacity in sandy soils. Humic acids are also used in liquid manure treatment, as they absorb harmful gases and odors, for example.


                                      Potassium and sodium humates such as HUMIN P 775? and HUMIN S 118? improve the composition of concrete, cement and drilling fluids, they color paper, clean water of toxic metals, are a component of ceramics and much more. Systematic research into humic substances is constantly giving rise to new practical applications – a process that HUMINTECH will continue to help shape in the future.

                                      Social commitment

                                      Sustainability has many faces. They include not only an active contribution to environmental protection, but also the commitment to give something back to society. Being a training facility, HUMINTECH offers young people a solid career start in an internationally active business. Because entrepreneurial responsibility does not end at the company fence, HUMINTECH supports organizations and initiatives that are committed to people and nature and promotes art and cultural events.

                                      HUMINTECH GmbH

                                      Humintech is a biotech company based in Grevenbroich, Germany. We are primarily focused on the research, development and industrial production of humic matter and humic acids for the agricultural sector.  Our products find further use in the feed, pharmaceutical and construction industry, in veterinary medicine and for ecological purposes such as water purification and soil decontamination.


                                      Humintech GmbH

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